From the flat, white surface of Jeannie Maddox's canvas, a swimmer's head erupts, breaking past two dimensional bounds, eyes closed, face sheathed in water, seeming more real than the object from which it springs. When Jeannie Maddox finishes the Building Canvas for Original Oil Paintingspainting, the waters of the pool and the abstracted shapes of the body beneath it are just striking in their clarity.

Known for her works of photorealism, especially her swimmer series, Jeannie's work has spanned twenty-five years with remarkable success. Her larger-than-life paintings have been acquired by collectors from Japan, Italy, Holland, Venezuela, Switzerland, and throughout the United States. Jeannie continues to show her work in selected juried shows such as Miami's Coconut Grove, which is always held on President's day weekend.

Her originals have been in such demand that she rarely has more than one or two large oils at any time. Since having a son in 1990 - her first after being married for 23 years - Jeannie started working on smaller acrylic paintings in addition to her time-consuming large pieces.Swimmer Series original Oil Today, instead of completing only four or five large oils per year, she now finishes two large oils and about twenty smaller oil paintings. She has found this very satisfying because she is able to 'create' many more times a year than before her son, Samuel, came along. Those who have admired her work over the years have enjoyed this because now more than five or six people a year can enjoy owning her originals.

An original such as "Lulu's (48" x 70") had about 450 hours in it, and is probably the best example of her urban or city series. "Kim Floating" (left) is a good example of her swimmer series, which has made her work some of the most recognizable to those who attend Florida's top juried shows.

Because her original oils sell for up to $30,000 and her acrylics sell for upwards of $5,000, the addition of her Giclée Edition Prints have proved very popular for those who love her work, and have not had the opportunity to purchase the originals.

Jeannie Maddox at work "Kim Floating"
of the Swimmer Series
Image:  26" x 40" Price:  $425