Recent News and Photos of Jeannie Maddox Original Oil Paintings

Jeannie featured in the 2020 Fall Issue of Wire Grass Living Magazine.

A vaction to Italy with husband Sam and son Samuel, provided the inspiration for her new Italian Series of paintings with "Portofino" being the most recent and becoming the most popular among her collectors and fans.

"Amalfi Coast", another painting in The Italian Series over a fireplace in collectors home.

Jeannie Maddox as seen in the January 2018 issue of Florida Design (Florida Edition)

Jeannie won Best in Show at the Mattie Kelly Festival of the Arts
Jeannie will be the FEATURED ARTIST at Tampa's Gasparilla Festival of the Arts in March and her art will be on the festival posters and T-shirts!

Jeannie Maddox created her first swimmer painting in 1977 and has since become well known for her style and subject matter, with pieces displayed across the United States and six foreign countries.

In 1981, the president of Macy's department store commissioned her signature swimmer paintings for their flagship store. Because of this connection, Maddox started photographing New York City window displays to use as subject material for her new "Urban Series". "Fifth Avenue" shows the refraction of the mannequin behind glass and the reflections of things on the street such as the yellow cab and Christmas trees. Jeannie was first drawn to this window because of the use of the shavings of aspen tree curls for the mannequin's hair. Jeannie's two main collections, "Swimmers" and "Urban Series" have the common thread of refraction of the body underwater and the refraction and reflection of store windows.

Jeannie Maddox received a BA degree in art from William Jewell College in 1968. In 1982, she received the Achievement Day Award for Alumni as the first alumni honored in the field of art. She has been showing her work since 1971 and has received over 250 awards, including awards at the Raymond James Gasparilla Festival of the Arts.

Jeannie doing a photo session with daughters of out of state couple near Sea Grove

Jeannie was featured in the latest issue of WDW as an artist who did the first show that is now called THE FESTIVAL OF THE MASTERS at Disney World.

Since then, Jeannie has won Best of Show in painting seven times.

When asked about coming 37 years in a row by WDW, Jeannie replied "I actually did miss one year, with good reason; the birth of my son, Samuel - our greatest masterpiece who was born in 1990!"

Jeannie was recently asked by a collector to help solve the problem of a big wall in a great room that was 23 feet tall and more that 25 feet wide.

She thought it would be interesting to use a large 46 x 60 inch swimmer giclee as the anchor piece and then use two halves of the underwater giclee to create a trip-tic that has a real WOW factor.

It can measure 46 x 126 inches or more, depending on how far apart the separate canvases are spaced. (Hand-embellished giclees on canvas-$3100)

Ronald McDonald congratulates Jeannie for winning Third Place at Greenville's Artisphere.

Samuel drove over from Auburn for Mother's Day. Jeannie said, "Best Mother's Day EVER!"

Jeannie featured on the front and inside pages of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram - The Faces of the Festival Circuit - for those in the tents at the Main Street Forth Worth Arts Festival, art fairs are a way of life - and a really long road trip.

Painter Jeannie Maddox will do 22 shows this year and has a son in college studying architecture. If that weren't expensive enough, this year he is studying abroad. He is based in Istanbul and traveling to Berlin and Barcelona which is keeping her on the art fair circuit longer than usual.

Her photo-realism style of painting swimmers often under water is time consuming. Each canvas can take as much as 3 months to finish so she travels with at least five 5 large pieces and many smaller pieces.

Maddox has been on the art circuit for a couple of decades and keeps a mailing list of all of her customers. Her husband Sam keeps track of the customers and sends them notices of their upcoming art shows. Jeannie has more than 500 names in the Fort Worth area alone.

In response to why she loves marketing her work art festivals, Jeannie said "We've made friendships with our clients that we have had for over for 35 years. We stay in their homes and guest houses and if I sold thru a gallery, I would not know who is buying my work . We like staying in touch with our people much like the actor who loves doing plays as opposed to making a movie - the feedback and reaction is more immediate."

Black & White Magazine in Birmingham loved Jeannie's work so much at the Magic City Art Connection, that they asked to use 5th Avenue for their next cover. Jeannie painted this great window display from a photo she took in NYC in 2010.
Jeannie and Sam with Jane and Steve Sanford at the Bele Chere Art Show in Ashville where Jeannie won best in show.

Jane and Steve are great friends from Port Orange, Florida who frequently hang out with Jeannie and Sam at shows, and help with set up and take downs at numerous shows over the years. Jeannie has sold to three generations of the Sanford family, but only Sam looks that old!

Jeannie is everywhere in Houston! And she was the years' featured artist for the Bayou City Arts Festival - More than 13,000 attend first day of Bonita Springs National Art Festival January 2011 Best of show: Jeannie Maddox, oil painter.
Jeannie Maddox is this years featured artist at the Bayou City Arts Festival. To see Jeannies work in person please visit us at the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown
October 9 & 10, 2010.

Ten billboards will advertise Jeannie in the Houston market. Here are two samples

Jeannie in her studio with
Evelyn (in progress)

Additional articles in the Houston area: Houston Press

Houston Fox News & Jeannie Maddox, the 2010 Featured Artist for
The Bayou City Arts Festival.

St. James Court Art Show®
Second Place for
Best of Show 2009 Awarded
at the
Saint James Court Art Show
in Louisville Kentucky

For Jeannie Maddox collectors: Sam is preparing
a 3-ring binder for future art shows to show how
sold works look in the home setting.

if you would like to be included in Sam's binder,
please send a photoof your Jeannie Maddox
artwork mounted in your home by email.